Factual Points About Astral Projection Help

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By Dorothy Allen

Many life happenings are cabalistic in nature and very difficult to attest their existence. For example, it is really mystical to separate your soul from physical body and travel the former in fictional form. Nevertheless, people who wish to taste the waters of this terrifying travel can pursue for astral projection help from professionals in this practice. The help sources a guide that will let you travel successively. It is usually carried out while the mind is still in an alerted state.

The practice requires the volunteering individuals to seek the assistance of gurus if it is their first time to project. This is due to the fact that the practice follows a definite and complicated procedure that is hard to figure out on your own. It is mostly practiced at dawn when slumber is in control. At that time, you have also to ascertain that your mind and body are relaxed. Importantly, you should draw any traces of fear from you since fear is a setback for this process.

After relaxing your mind and body, you are required to create a comforting atmosphere. This is easily attained in places where distractions are refrained. Such places include the bedroom or a sitting room whose windows are closed. In a situation where you have a roommate, you can search for another quiet place. Creating a relaxed and quiet aura is a surest assurance that the practice will become successful.

After creating the right atmosphere, you can now lie down on your bed and try to flash all distracting thoughts with your eyes closed. This helps you to concentrate on the practice as your body and mind comes into a relaxation. Flex your muscles as you take deep breathes and let your mind focus solely on your rate of breathing. You can as well adopt quartz crystalline technique in order to accelerate your body vibrations that will sensitize the astral body to project.

After successively concluding all the preparatory stages, you should move your mind and physical body to a hypnagogic state of consciousness. This is a peculiar state that drives you in a deep sleep while your mind is still conscious. This forms the boundary that exists between alertness and sleep. It is the necessary condition that has to occur for a successful projection.

In addition, the hypnagogic conscious state triggers the vibrations that are in fictitious waves and come in varying frequencies. The vibrations prepare your soul to leave the body. They are however nerve wrecking, but you should draw all your fears away and accede to the waves. This is because fear can draw you from the meditation, thereby implying that you have to start the entire process again.

For a fascinating projection, you have to wander the entire room and other rooms as you glimpse your physical body. After the travel, you should instantly re-enter in your physical body. The silver cord force enhances the re-entering process. The force unites both the astral and physical body. For you to regain your conscious state, you should move all your body parts physically.

Thus, astral projection is an amazing practice that you can effectively explore without fear. Many people have given testimonials to this practice in its favor. It is pillared by the willing desire to project and experience the mystical fantasy. It requires the help of a professional as well as strictly following the laid procedures.

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